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3 and 4 Day Pre-K Readiness Checklist

The 3 and 4 Day Pre-K Programs

Your child…

  • Has had previous group experience(s) with children his/her age. (1 yr. of preschool, story hour)
  • Willingly separates from parent(s)
  • Follows directions
  • Can take care of bathroom needs independently
  • Plays cooperatively with children
  • Identifies some shapes, colors, numbers and letters
  • Knows and can identify some letters in his/her name

In class, teachers will help your child …

  • Identify upper and lowercase letters
  • Learn beginning sounds of letters
  • Recognize rhyming words
  • Identify colors and shapes
  • Complete AB,ABC, AABB patterns
  • Hold a pencil correctly
  • Hold scissors correctly, cut a straight and wavy line
  • Print first and last name
  • Engage in dialogue with peers and adults
  • Name and count numbers 1 through 20, Count by tens up to 100
  • Sort by color, shape, size
  • Understand directional words (up, down, under, on top of, in front of, etc.)
  • Enjoy hands on activities
  • Participate in music, science and large muscle activities
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