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How you can join our wonderful family

Registration Process

Enrollment for the next school year shall be solicited in the following manner:


Step 1

Students repeating a program year return to their class, i.e. 3 AM to 3 AM.


Step 2

In the event a class exceeds its allocated slots between returning and progressing students, a lottery of all involved students will be held. The allotted spots will be filled. The overflow students will be placed in the other class. These student(s) will be put on the waiting list for the desired class in order of their lottery pick. Should an opening occur in the class, these students will then have first option on the opening.


Step 3

A registration form will be distributed by the Vice-President in February. Those wishing
to repeat a class as stated in number 1. above may register on this form. Those wishing totransfer to a different class, i.e. 3 AM to 4 PM/ 3 PM to 4 AM- will also register on this form. If there are more transferees than openings, a lottery of the Open Slots will be conducted. A transfer waiting list will be maintained with sequence resulting from the lottery. Those on the waiting list retain their space in their present class. Lottery, if
needed, will be held by the Vice-President and one other Board Member.


Step 4

Students who will be registering for the Pre-K class after completing both the 3's class
and the 3 Day Pre-K class, will be given priority registration.


Step 5

Present members will sign up incoming three year olds on the registration form
distributed by the Vice-President.


Step 6

Alumni registration will be done with a call to the Vice-President, which will be held in
February, filling available openings.


Step 7

The date for Open House and Open Registration will be determined by the Board, to be
held in February


Step 8

Announcements of Open Registration will be made known to the public by the Publicity Chairperson, via posters, news article, etc.


Step 9

Open registration will be held after Current Members and Alumni registration. Open
registration will be done by lottery at the schedule Open House. Lollipop registration
will not begin until the announced registration time, i.e. no list will be posted by Lollipop to record the time of arrival.


Step 10

A waiting list will be compiled at Open Registration. No new enrollees from the Waiting
List will be taken after March 1st for the present year.


Step 11

People put on the waiting list by calling in after Open Registration, need to re-register for the following year by attending Open Registration. The date will be determined by the
Board and publicly announced.


Step 12

The registration fee, determined yearly by the Board, will be payable upon registration,
and is non-refundable.

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